Old vs new: Head Supershape i/e-Rally

So we have tested and reviewed the 2020-2021 Head Supershape e-Rally in 170. On one of the days that we skied it, we also had the 2017-2018 Head Supershape i.Rally on hand in the same length (and technically unchanged until the 20221 season). So, let’s compare the two. What are the differences between the ‘old’ i.Rally and the new e-Rally in terms of construction and shape and – of course – in how they ski?

Facts first

Like I said, we skied them both in 170 length. On the same slope, back to back. We even skied a few runs with the old one on one foot and the new ski on the other foot. More direct comparisons don’t exist, we think.

The 170 2019-2020 i.Rally has a 135-76-114 sidecut, 13.7 m radius. The 170 e-Rally has a 132-78-114 sidecut and 14 m radius. The i.Rally had KERS, Graphene Worldcup Sandwich cap construction, some tip-rocker, and a wood core. The new e-Rally is only different in terms of listed ingredients on one count: KERS has been replaced by Head’s new EMC. EMC stands for Energy Management Circuit. It is said to transform vibrations in the ski into electronic energy, making the ride smoother and quieter.


On paper, the differences in numbers are minute. The KERS and EMC could be construed as mere marketing mumbo jumbo. But that would be unfair and – as we see it – inaccurate. The old i.Rally has been a very popular hard snow carving ski in the United States (In Europe, the i.Speed and i.Magnum have been more popular). It is stable, grippy, energetic. That is, IF you can load it properly. It is quite stiff. It needs quite a bit of energy (speed, muscle power, aggression, mass) to ski it as it was designed: like a carving machine. Lazy skiers, lighter skiers, finesse skiers often found it a bit of a handful.

The new e-Rally needs less input to get on edge (despite being 2 mm wider underfoot). It bends much easier and runs more smoothly and effortless. In terms of edge grip and stability, it matches the previous model. And lighter, slower, and less powerful finesse skiers will be very happy on this ski too. It delivers slightly less rebound than the i.Rally does, a less sharp, power-feel. One could say the old i.Rally is the more aggressive power-carver; the new e-Rally is the smooth finesse-carver. We haven’t been able to find the top end of the performance, stability, or edge grip on either ski. In that respect, they both have a high enough top end for most recreational skiers.

Are you a more aggressive power-skier? You may like the old i.Rally better than the new e-Rally. If you are more on the smooth finesse-side of things, I would recommend the new e-Rally over the old version. 

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  1. Thanks for this review – its exactly what I would expect from the change between the Kers and the ems – based on the description. I have skied on the i.Rally and its a wonderful ski on piste, off piste its too hard to drive and cut through the crud – but I would miss that punch out of the turn that the current i.Rally provides – like it wants me to dance on the snow esp when you get it right.

  2. Hi,
    so how does the e-Rally it compare to the e-Magnum or th others in the set?
    A salesman told me he loved the new EMS system for the e-Magnum, very easy to get on edge, lots of stability and dampening and also good for ‘slower’ carving. Not sure if he demo’d the Rally. Looking to replace a broken bent F19 Progressor.
    How does this compare to Firebird or Racetiger or a Salomon s/max and which model would you compare it to ?

    1. If you’re looking for ski advice, please use the page we have for that.

      You can compare the e-Rally (at least our review) to the Firebird HCR, Racetiger RC or GS or Salomon S/Max 10 yourself.

      As for the e-Magnum: not at all in the same league as the e-Rally in terms of stability, in our view. THe Magnum is more like the Supershape e-Speed, in that sense.

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