Outgoing gems

The end of the 2023-2024 season is near. Time for (web)shops to offer great discounts and clear their stock. Each year, there are skis that will not return the following season, not even with just new graphics. That pushes prices even lower, usually. Here are a few skis that we really love that will not be returning with the same construction, dimensions, or even at all. So this is the perfect time to go bargain hunting for them.

Performance and groomer skis

Head’s Supershapes will be updated next year. And thus, the e-Original and e-Rally are skis we recommend stocking up on this summer. 

Fischer will replace their RC One piste line with the new Curv GT series. Especially the RC One 82 GT and 78 GT are worth looking out for in the bargain basements.

The Rossignol Experience 82 (Basalt and TI) and Experience 86 (Basalt and TI) will be replaced by Arcade 84 and 88 respectively. If you want a great all-condition ski, go find those Experiences (pun intended).

Völkl will be updating their piste line. The Deacon 72 (Master) and 76 (Master) will return technically unchanged, but named Peregrine. The Deacon 80 and 84 will be completely redesigned and replaced by a Peregrine 80 and 82.

Mixed and softer snow skis

Nordica will update their entire Enforcer line. If you’re a fan of powerful super chargers, see If you can find an 88, 94 or 100 before they completely sell out.

The same story with Blizzard’s Brahma, Bonafide, etc. They will be replaced by what looks like similar type skis in a more structured line-up: the Anomaly series. 

Völkl is going for a new M7 Mantra and will be naming that entire series the Mantra series. The M7 will be the 96, the Kendo will be the new Mantra 88, and the Katana will be the Mantra 108 next year.

Elan will be updating their Ripstick skis. They will come back under the same name. We’re not really fans of these, but you might be. If you are, try and find a better priced Ripstick 96 for example.

Good luck and have fun deal hunting!

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