Here at Gigiski, we value our independence. Yet, we value great products too. We consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to team up with some of the best in the business when it comes to outfitting our team. 

Giro – helmets and goggles

Giro was established in 1985 by Jim Gentes. In the early years, the Californian company focused on bike helmets. Since 1999, they focused on snow sports as well. Their constant search for functional excellence and eye for detail lead to an innovative product range. Like us, the people at Giro are not afraid to collaborate with experts with very specific skills and know-how. Their goggle lenses feature clarity optics by Zeiss.

Leki – gloves and poles

In 1948, Leki was founded by Karl Lenhart. It was actually a spin-off from his woodworking business. Lenhart was a keen skier, but very unhappy about the ski poles at the time. With his woodworking experience and machinery, he really upped the game in the ski pole world. In 1970, Leki was the first to bring aluminum ski poles to market. 

In the late nineties, the first Trigger-S system was introduced. From this development, the company went on to design gloves as well, to complement the Trigger-S poles and to incorporate part of that system into the glove itself. Today, Leki is one of the leading pole manufacturers, in Alpine skiing, Cross country skiing, and hiking.

Peak Performance – clothing

Peak Performance was established in Åre, Sweden, in 1986. The brand has always focused on the highest quality outdoor clothing, be it skiing, hiking, or lifestyle. Until this day, they produce some of the toughest, yet very easy-to-wear lines of shells, insulation, mid-layers, and base layers. Whatever the weather or our activities, we can easily adjust to what’s best suited for the job (pun intended).