Review: Black Crows Serpo

Model year: 2021-2022
Sidecut: 131-93-115
Size: 180 cm
Radius: 20 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, shaped titanal, tip and tail rocker, camber underfoot

About this ski

Black Crows, the freeski company from Chamonix, strikes again. This company does not make series of skis – like most brands do – but separate, unique skis. Not just unique in the sense that they don’t belong to a series, though. The skis are also unique in the rather straightforward, but very effective designs. No fancy-named technologies here. Just elementary but splendid ski construction and balance.

In fact, the only ‘fancy’ aspect of the construction is the H-shaped metal. Underfoot it’s full-width, but in front and at the back of the binding, the metal only runs along the edges of the skis. This makes for a lighter ski, but also slightly softer than most skis with metal in this class. And that softness is what sets this ski apart.

Soft stability

This is not a soft buttering ski or anything. It’s just not as heavy or sturdy as some of its competitors (Nordica Enforcer 94, Head Kore 93, Atomic Maverick 95 TI). But it’s by no means a flimsy ski. It holds an edge very well for its with. And it has a very nice soft playful ‘pop’ to it that just makes it a lot of fun to ski. In bumps and crud especially. 

This is not a charger, not a puncher. Do you want a bust-through-everything kind of ski? Look elsewhere. Do you want a great all-day all-condition all-mountain ski? This could be it. Yes, it can literally ski the entire mountain: from frozen corduroy to deeper powder and the crud and bumps in between. For its width, it has great float and great edge-hold and precision. And that’s pretty rare. 

In conclusion

This is a true all-mountain ski. Light, yet stable. Fun and easy to ski, yet precise and quite performant on-piste as well. It’s not a buster or charger. But then again, most recreational skiers aren’t either…


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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    1. The Cham 97 was a soft snow oriented ski of 97 underfoot. The Serpo is much more designed as an all-mountain ski. Better suited for on-piste also. Not just in width, but in design.

  1. Interessant! Leest als een ski geschikt voor een brede doelgroep en in te zetten als toerski. Benieuwd hoe ze zich verhoudt tot de Camox (freebird). Any thoughts?

    1. The Serpo is slightly narrower and slightly nimbler than the Camox. The Camox is more of an all-condition buster, a bit stronger too. The Serpo is more on the finesse side of things, but I think equally versatile. Less spray from the back, though.

  2. Hi Gigi, Thanks for the great reviews throughout the year!
    How do you think the Serpo performs compared to the Blizzard rustler 9

    1. They ski quite similarly. I think the Serpo is a bit more directional compared to the Rustler 9. The Rustler’s tail is more towards twintip shape, whereas the Serpo’s is a bit lower, straighter, although quite rockered. But other than that, they have the same strengths and weaknesses. The Serpo is slightly smoother and damper; the Rustler is a bit more lively and jumpy in character.

    1. The Serpo is a bit narrower, smoother, less floaty than the Soul 7 HD. THe Soul 7 is a powder/freeride ski; the Serpo is more of an allmountain type ski.

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