Review: Blizzard Firebird HRC

Model year: 2020-2021
Sidecut: 107-76-126
Size: 174
Radius: 15,5 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, two sheets of metal, C-Armour, C-Spine, FDT Plate

About this ski

A few seasons ago, Blizzard brought back the Firebird race line. A serious cheater GS (WRC) and an SL model (SRC) and a couple of dialed down models, the Firebird (Race TI, Race and TI). This HRC was added a bit later as the one ‘between’ the WRC and SRC in terms of radius. Also, they made it a bit wider (76 mm underfoot), which would make it more all-round in terms of snow conditions it would shine in.

Construction-wise it is the same as the WRC and SRC: double metal laminate, full sidewall, dense wood core, carbon reinforcements in the core, and the carbon armor plate under the binding. And with that, you get a steady ski that does do what it says on the label. But not much more.


You know when people – if asked how they’re doing – say “I’m fine”? That’s this ski. It is fine. It does everything it should, but there is no excitement, no ‘wow’. It’s not deliriously in love, nor is it depressed. Not even distracted by the scenery. It just does what it was sold to do, but without passion.

It carves (better than it skids, but it certainly can). It likes to go fast but doesn’t seem to be willing to help in the process. It can be cruised, but that takes some focus. It doesn’t have the very dominant tips of the Firebirds, although it has the same shape. The construction is more balanced, and so is the ski. So, it delivers, but certainly does not over-deliver. 

In conclusion

A steady, predictable, somewhat all-round high-end piste ski. It does everything it should, but without a ‘wow’ or any excitement.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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