Review: Blossom Numero Uno RC

Model year: 2020-2021
Sidecut: 121-71-106
Size: 176 cm
Radius: 16 m
Technology: wood core, radical sidewall, sandwich construction, titanal  

About the Numero Uno line

At Blossom they have created a new look and new series for season 20-21. The Numero Uno is one of them but … actually it is a merging of the Flere, Fly up, Great Shape and the Approach from last season. Nothing new, just new style and rebranding. The name ‘Numero Uno’ might make you think they are all skis just below the FIS range, but you would be wrong. Let me sort it out for you.

Numero Uno SL was the Flere, Numero Uno GS was the Fly up, Numero Uno RC as the Great Shape and the Numero Uno SC was the Approach. In short: the GS and SL are the ones just below the FIS range, the RC and SC are the fun carvers.

The ski itself

The Numero uno RC is the most stiff or performant one of the fun carvers. It’s a true mid turn radius piste ski. I really had the “click in and ride feeling”: easy handling and excellent grip were two qualities that immediately struck me. The softer flex and slightly wider waist make the ski a lot more user-friendly and less aggressive than the Numero uno SL. You don’t need a lot of speed to put it on his edge, it goes quite easy. Of Course it less rebound and a slower edge to edge control compared to the SL model, but it still is a lot of fun to carve or skid a whole day.

In conclusion

Again I must say it is a high-end build ski with an excellent performance within his range. I compare it a bit with the Head Supershape e.Rally which is a true compliment. Easy access skiing with great stability even for skiers with a high demand. Don’t expect race weapons but excellent cruisers.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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