Review: Dynastar Speed 763

Model year: 2021-2022

Sidecut: 121-72-106

Size: 174

Radius: 15 m

Technology: wood & PU core, full sidewall, shaped metal, tip rocker, camber underfoot

About this ski

The new Speed series is an evolution of the Speedzone series. It consists of four piste-oriented recreational skis, ranging from beginner skis to the more aggressive, carbon-filled slalom-like carver, the 963. This 763 is a bit less beefy and has a mid-sizes radius. Consider it the allround cruiser in the line. 

The PU in the core – the same material used in ski boots – makes for a damp and smooth ride. A bit of tip rocker and milled-out metal give the ski a stable but light-footed feel. With the retro look and blue and orange Dynastar colors, the French manufacturer is having you believe that it is some kind of consumer race ski ‘with a race inspired carve’.

Sheep in wolves clothes

It may be blue and orange, but that’s where the link to Dynastar’s race line stops. The 763 is a very friendly and stable ski. But it has no real bite or rebound. It is the perfect cruiser for intermediates up to advanced skiers – at most. Nothing wrong with this ski: it is easy to manoeuver and skid, smooth on edge and it has enough edge hold and stability for some speed.

A technically higher-level skier or someone with an aggressive, performance-driven style will be disappointed though. Despite its name, the Speed 763 is not exactly a speed machine. It is a very gentle cruiser, but nothing more.  

In conclusion

A very nice groomer zoomer. More demanding skiers and those in search of a ski that rewards skill and energy – look elsewhere.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Are these skis comparable to the Dynastar speedzone 8 CA (I have these skis now and I am looking for new skis that ar more stable)?

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