Review: Fischer RC One 72 Multiflex

Model year: 2020-2021
Sidecut: 119-72-102
Size: 177
Radius: 17 m
Construction: wood core, full sidewall, two sheets of metal, Bafatex, tip-rocker

About this ski

The RC One series was introduced last year to replace the Progressor and Pro Mountain lines. The range covers widths of 72 op to 86 mm and all conditions that one would encounter on-piste. This 72 Multiflex is the narrowest and most performance-oriented, on paper. With two sheets of 0.8 mm thick titanal (in most recreational skis 0.5 mm is used) and a full sidewall construction, Fischer says it is for aggressive skiers: “[a] high-end ski for dedicated skiers who love to take turns as fast and aggressively as possible. 0.8mm Titanal for stability and grip is combined with Turn Zone construction and Triple Radius shaping for maximum smoothness.”

It does look amazing, fierce even. The finish is great and the feel (in hand) is very high-end. But what about that ‘stability and grip’ and ‘maximum smoothness’ Fischer talks about. It’s all very nice if a ski feels and looks great. But how they behave on snow is what counts.

Looks deceive

Well, this ski is quite the opposite of what it says on the box. However aggressive or relaxed you ski it, the tips just don’t hook up. The ski does not pick a line, it does not hold a line, there is no line. The ‘turn zone’ – softened and lightened sides of the tips – makes this ski quite toothless. It just doesn’t bite the piste, it’s harmless and a bit scary at times, as it is all over the place and inpredictable.

We have skied a few pairs with different skiers and at different events. We have looked at the tune and mounting point of the bindings. We have tried to rule out every possible off-setting variable, because we just could not believe how these things skied. If you want to experience the fear that some skiers suffer from – try this ski. It knocks all confidence out of you in just a few turns.

In conclusion

‘They don’t make bad skis anymore’? I disagree. Here is one for you. If you’re in a rental place that only carries Fischer’s RC One line, get the 78 GT or 82 GT. Those have some cruisability in them. This 72 Multiflex only inspires fear.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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    1. Now I understand better why they burned the factory in the Ukraine (and the whole stock of RC One 72 Multiflexes with it)! 😉

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