Review: Fischer RC One 82 GT

Model year: 2020-2021
Sidecut: 126-82-112
Size: 173
Radius: 16 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, two sheets of Titanal 0.5 mm, triple radius, all mountain rocker

About this ski

As mentioned before, the Rc-One is since last year Fischers new piste serie that replaces the Progressors and the Pro Mtn series. Even though it is not the widest ski in this line, it gives me the most “all mountain feeling”. It’s just a bit easier and smoother to ride than its bigger brother RC-one 86, this is mainly due to the use of the 0.5 mm instead of the 0.8 mm titanal sheets. I also say “feeling” on purpose, because it is actually a very accessible wide-piste ski. Nowadays we call this an all-condition ski.

Reliable, like a good friend

After first skiing the narrower 72 mm version, which has a firmer construction on paper, but feels very unstable in the snow,  I went on testing the 82mm with some suspicion.

But this was unjustified. The RC-one 82 is a reliable, stable ski with incredible easy access. The tip rocker and triple radius technology make the ski easy to ski in both large and smaller turns. Don’t expect any slalom or GS-like performance here, but of course that’s not the target group of this ski. The only thing that was a bit lacking in this ski, is rebound: that extra push into the next turn doesn’t take off.

In conclusion

A reliable and predictable all-condition piste cruiser that will enhance the skiing pleasure of the intermediate skier. It will never surprise you with aggression, extra power. But it will certainly never disappoint you either.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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