Review: Fischer RC4 Worldcup CT

Model year: 2020-2021
Sidecut: 113-65-98
Size: 175
Radius: 15.5 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, two sheets of Titanal 0.8 mm, full camber, M/O race plate

About this ski

The Fischer RC4 Worldcup line-up has been updated. Big time. The RC (long turn) and SC (short turn) skis already existed. They too have been updated though. This CT model has no predecessor. It is the mid-radius ski. For this first year, it only exists in the heavier ‘Pro’ construction: stiffer (both in longitudinal and torsional flex), race tune, and base. And the new M/O race plate.

The radius suggests a more versatile ski, for a wider range of turn shapes. The CT is only available in the heavier construction with the plate – other than the RC and SC, which also come in a more pliable version without a plate. That makes it a specialist tool for technical skiers.

Precise and smooth

It is a precise ski. It loves speed and extreme edge angles. Everything one would expect from a ski with these specs. It is smooth, reliable, super quick edge to edge, very grippy too. But it is not as punishing as the shape and construction suggest. The flex is so homogenous, that it actually handles uneven slopes better than the ‘consumer’ RC and SC. Those skis (reviews will follow, don’t worry), both have a bit softer tips. They just want to tip, bend, and carve. Nothing else.
The tips on the CT are just as stiff as the rest of the ski. This makes the ski work more as one unit. More controllable tips – my experience – and in that respect more predictable too. Even on skied out slopes, in some bumps or soft snow that really helps in boosting confidence. The very damp and smooth ride (thanks to the M/O plate) also contributes. Rely on the power of the ski and the fact that they will just cut through just about anything. 

In conclusion

For advanced technical skiers who love speed and power and quick turning (but not necessarily ‘turny’) skis. Steady and fast, energetic and super super fun. And the bonus: not as punishing as you might think. Even a lazy skier such as myself would be quite happy to ski these when (g)ripping groomers. All day long, all week long.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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        1. Nee. Dit seizoen is uitzonderlijk. Corona (of beter: de bijbehorende lockdowns en logistieke beperkingen) hebben de productie flink gehinderd.

    1. I think you mean the Stöckli WTR ST? I have skied it. It’s definitely more of a handful than the Fischer. Less smooth, the Stöckli needs more input/energy to control. I would say the top end of these skis is quite similar, but the instep level of the Fischer is quite a bit lower.

  1. Would you suggest the CT to an intermediate-advanced skier that is progressing his carving technique ? Or better the softer RC ?

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