Review: Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC

Model year: 2021-2022
Sidecut: 111-66-96
Size: 180
Radius: 19 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, two sheets of metal, full camber, tip hole

About this ski

The RC4 Worldcup RC has been around forever, it seems. But last year, Fischer updated its cheater GS model. This Worldcup RC – the same name as the old model – has a hole in the tip, so you can recognize them instantly. Black with yellow details, system binding (there also is a Pro version with a plate – like with the old version).

There have been some changes that seem minor at first, but turn out to be quite significant in how the ski performs. In this review, I will be contrasting these new RCs to the old version, but also to the CT that was introduced last year. Why? Because I think the new CT has taken the place of the old RC as the stable, secure, predictable, and fearless mid to long turn carving ski for hardpack and in variable snow. Much more so than the new RC.


The new RC is quite a bit softer in the forebody compared to its predecessor. From tip to tail it gets stiffer. But there’s a noticeable softness in the tip that is important in the story. The prolonged sidecut, the stompy tip, and the softer flex make this ski wanting to tip, bend and carve. Not much else. It bends so eagerly, that any other type of control you might want to have on the tip – for old school skidding for example – is something it just won’t do.

The CT is homogenous in flex, which makes it controllable, easier to maneuver. Especially when you’re not carving turns, the CT provides a stable platform. The new RC: not so much. Because it just wants to bend, it just wants to carve and can think of nothing else. Even though the edge grip is great and you should be able to trust this ski completely, it is too one-sided compared to the old version, to the CT, and to most other consumer GS skis.

In conclusion

It is a consumer GS and does what you expect it to: carve long turns really well. But all the other stuff the old ski could do – and many of its competitors – it simply won’t do anymore. It has become a one-trick pony with too soft a tip to really enjoy driving this ski forward. 


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Hoi! Goede review.

    Zit te twijfelen tussen het nieuwe model (met gat) en het vorige model. Allebei nieuw en er zit ongeveer 150 euro tussen.

    Welke ski heeft uw voorkeur?

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