Review: Head e-Rally

Model year: 2020-2021
Sidecut: 132-78-114
Size: 170
Radius: 14 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, two sheets of metal, graphene, tip-rocker, EMC

About this ski

Head’s Supershape line has been very successful in the past few years. For the 2020-2021 season, it has completely been overhauled. It now is a more consistent story of five skis for the average skier ranging from the narrow slalom cheater (the new e-Original) all the way through to a big turn crud crusher (e-Titan). The Magnum, Speed, and Rally are sort of in-between in width and expected use.

There is a new technology too. The Intelligence technology (which the “i” stood for in the previous Head line-ups) has been replaced with EMC: Energy Management Circuit. Special fibers that send energy throughout the ski to help dampen vibrations. Other than that, there is some tip-rocker and a medium turn radius. This new package is 78 mm underfoot, which places it somewhere on the border of the narrow piste ski and the wider all-condition carver.

Super smooth

It is quick in the transition, smooth in handling, and stable in feel. This is an all-round good guy. It doesn’t get angry, even if you kick it in the butt. It is your dependable companion, handling just about anything you throw at it. Short turns, long turns, skidded or carved – it does it all. Even though it likes to carve more than it likes to skid, this ski will happily transform any aspiring skier you into that piste carving ski addict. 

It definitely makes skiing easy. Any intermediate can get on it and enjoy it, as does the advanced, more seasons skier. The only thing it does not do is getting angry. The e-Rally is very stable, dependable, but lacks a bit of fire, in my opinion. For stronger, more aggressive skiers, the Rally may seem a bit tame and less energetic. Compared to the old version, but also compared to some competing skis by other brands.

In conclusion

The e-Rally is a very well-rounded, easy to ski piste carver. Intermediates up to advanced skiers will love its ease of use and its stability in all conditions on-piste. Only the most aggressive skiers that look for instant energy and pop should look elsewhere.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Hi Gijs, how does the e-Rally compare to the Rossignol Hero Elite Plus Ti? I have the Rossi Hero ST and absolutely love it on hard snow but, in slush or chopped snow, I need a ski w a wider base. Also, have you had a chance to test the 2022 Blizzard Thunderbird R15 WB? Thanks for your advice!

    1. Between the e-Rally and the Hero Elite Plus I would pick the Rally for softer conditions. Even though in width the two skis are quite similar, I think the Rally is a bit more compliant and less ‘racy’ than the Rossi. Also, the Hero Elite Plus would have much greater overlap with the ST TI you already have.

      I have skied the Blizzard Thunderbirds too. Forget those when you are looking for something that is easier to handle in more challenging snow conditions. Despite its relatively wide waist, even the R15 WB is very much a hard snow carver.

  2. Hoi Gijs,

    Op jouw aangeven deze ski gekocht. Het is een top ski. Speels vergevend. Maar ook Op hoge snelheden super stabiel. Echt een top ski

  3. Gigi,

    Ik overweeg de e-rally’s
    Na 8 jaar ervaring ben volgens mij een goede gemiddelde skiër.
    Snelheid is wel een werkpunt.
    Zijn de e-rally’s dan niet te veel eisend?
    Ik ski enkel op de piste, wel in alle condities, verse, harde, natte,… sneeuw
    van 9u tot 17u bijna non stop.
    Ik ben 1m88 en 85 kg. Dan lengte 177?
    Ervaring met de Protector bindingen?
    Een aanrader of best vermijden?

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