Review: Head Supershape e-Speed

Model year: 2022-2023
Sidecut: 121-68-104
Size: 170
Radius: 14 m
Technology: wood core, sidewall, graphene, metal, tip rocker, camber underfoot, EMC

About this ski

Head’s Supershape series has been around for ages. It is their recreational on-piste collection. The newest generation (2019-2020 onwards) features a very turny and narrow e-Original, the more mainstream e-Magnum and e-Speed, the allround e-Rally and the more all-mountain-like e-Titan (84 mm underfoot). They all have the Energy Management Circuit, that succeeds the KERS technology. Supposedly, it absorbs vibrations in the ski and gives a bit more rebound at the end of the turn.

The e-Speed (not to be confused with the Worldcup Rebels e-Speed, which is the brand’s consumer GS ski) is narrow (68 mm underfoot) and has a 14 m radius at 170 length. This means, it has the same radius as most slalom skis. Not a problem in itself, of course. The thing is: the e-‘Speed’ is inaptly named. Even though Head claims it is ‘the perfect ski for on-piste racers’, it just isn’t. Even in the longest length, 184, this ski just feels inadequate.

Rental gear

The ski is fairly lightweight and soft. It lacks stability and simply folds up at speed or with more direct input. It’s squirrily and not at all confidence-inspiring. It doesn’t inspire to do anything, really, but to glide from bar to bar in that one vacation week you go skiing. This is simple rental gear, nothing more. It does not perform – it doesn’t respond to technical input, is doesn’t really hold an edge. It doesn’t chatter much, that’s something.

If there ever was a big difference between a brand’s marketing bla bla and the actual product: this is the text book example. If you want an easy, turny ski, get the e-Original. If you want a ‘do everything on-piste’ kind of ski? Get the e-Rally. If you want a crud buster with no sense of nuance? Get the e-Titan. Just don’t get the s-Speed or e-Magnum, unless you really don’t care about anything that is actually skiing-related. The € 1000 price tag (price listed at Head website) is just ridiculous. For that kind of money, you can get a really good ski or you could get something of the e-Speed’s caliber for less than half that price.

In conclusion

An overpriced rental-type ski that does nothing that it says on the tin. Don’t spend more money on it than a week’s rental fee.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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