Review: Head Worldcup Rebels e.SLR

Model year: 2022-2023
Sidecut: 123-66-107
Size: 170
Radius: 12.3 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, one sheet of metal, full camber, EMC

About this ski

The Worldcup Rebels e.SLR is Head’s entry-level slalom ski. It is in the Worldcup Rebels series, so it roughly mimics the Slalom and Giant Slalom geometries on a consumer level – the slalom ski, in this case. With one sheet of metal, it is bendier and lighter than the e.SL consumer slalom ski. But as of next season, the SLR has the EMC technology too, just like its heavier, burlier brother.

EMC stands for Energy Management Circuit. It basically means that there are fibers in the ski that are loaded with energy and thereby canceling out vibrations from outside. The problem with these kinds of claims is that there’s no way to figure out if this technology works. There is no comparison possible with the exact same ski without EMC.

Smooth and steady

Skeptic about this EMC story or not, the fact is that the SLR is much lighter and bendier than the e.SL, but at the same time is very stable and confidence-inspiring. It just is a very well-made short-turn hard snow ski. It’s quite a bit more stable than the outgoing SLR, but not as tiring as the full-grown consumer slalom skis. 

For lighter skiers, intermediates, and learning skiers, this is a great choice. Also for ski instructors on smaller hills who teach kids and beginners, this would be a great choice. The price point is also much friendlier than the big boy slalom skis, so that helps too.

In conclusion

A very good and easy to ski yet still very nicely tracking and stable slalom ski for intermediates and learning skiers, as well as for lighter and slower skiers that want precision and fun, but not tired legs.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Good review, thanks! I would like to ask what is the difference between the old models i.slr and rebels ti. Thanks!

    1. Not sure. The Rebels.ti seems to be a version of the i.SLR especially made for Intersport. Haven’t skied it though, nor can I find any specifics on those bespoke special range skis.

  2. Dag Gigi,

    Ik ski vandaag op de Head e.SR Rebels. Wat is het verschil met de e.SLR die jij hier beschrijft? Ik vind dit best een fijne ski eigenlijk.

    1. You mean the difference between the e-SLR and the e-SL? The build and construction, stability and power. Everything is different about the e-SL, except maybe the radius. The e-SL is much more serious, powerful, demanding (but not unmanageable), precise.
      Great that you like the e-SLR. But I would suggest to ski a more powerful consumer (like the e-SL) as well, or a manageable easy-to-ski mid or longer radius ski as well to feel the differences.

      1. Ik bedoel echt de e.SR. Dat stond op de ski en op de bon van de Intersport in Ellmau. Dubbel gecheckt dus ik ben hier zeker van.

        1. Die specifieke ski heb ik niet geskied, kan ik zo niet thuisbrengen. Huurski’s zijn vaak catalogusski’s in een ander kleurtje met een andere naam.

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