Review: K2 Disruption MTI

Model year: 2021-2022
Sidecut: 118-74-104
Size: 175 cm
Radius: 18.1 m
Technology: wood core, semi step-down sidewall, sandwich construction, titanal, speed rocker  

About this ski

The Disruptions line is K2’s series for on-piste skiing. It consist of a slalom-like STI and SC, some wider carvers and this MTI. The MTI is supposed to be the most high-speed, GS-like model in the series. This Disruption line replaces the old Charger line.

All the ingredients for great piste performance are there: a wood core and some metal, a dampening material with the ominous name ‘dark matter dampening’ and minimal tip-rocker. Like its predecessor, the Speed Charger, this ski is aimed at high speed, long turns and carving performance.

Bad romance

It does perform. That is, it does carve long turns. Literally, it only carves and only makes long turns. Even though the sidewalls are not full height except underfoot, the MTI grips like crazy. As soon as you think of putting the skis on edge, the very blunt and abrupt tips claw the snow and don’t let go, unless you force the ski out of this carve quite aggressively. Torsional stiffness and the prolonged sidecut render this ski unable to skid.

The flex of the ski is actually quite soft. Consistent, but soft. And there seems to be a lack of body to go with that grabby, aggressive edge hold. This mismatch between flex and aggressive edge makes this ski a high maintenance lover. It demands your trust in putting it on edge and letting you ride the turn, but at the same time it doesn’t give you any trust in return. For a heavy skier such as myself, the edges grab, but do not hold. And therefore this ski asks a lot of trust, but gives nothing back in return. 

In conclusion

This ski is aggression without substance. It only carves and it only carves long turns. I would do it at speed if I were able to trust the ski. But I do not. It lacks support and stability. In a scary way.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Hi Gijs,
    I am considering to buy the K2 Disruption Sc but have some doubts after this review. Do you think a review on this model will have the same outcome?

    1. Not sure. I only skied the SC a few runs a couple of years ago. I should really test it again to answer your question.

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