Review: Nordica Steadfast 85 DC

Model year: 2023-2024
Sidecut: 137-85-116
Size: 179
Radius: 15.8 m
Technology: Wood core, Double Core technology, full sidewall, tip and tail rocker, titanal

About this ski

Who remembers the Nordica Steadfast from about a decade ago? It was Nordica’s invention of a ‘side country’ ski – what is now commonly referred to as ‘all-mountain’. It was a quite sturdy 90 mm ski that took some effort, speed, and technique to ski but delivered beautifully in terms of performance. And that was without any metal in it.

I would say the current Enforcers take that spot in Nordica’s lineup now. So where does that leave the new Steadfast 85 DC? I think this new Steadfast is the only ski Nordica builds that caters to the non-aggressive, not-so-fast, not-so-technical skier. Or put differently: this is the ski that is actually appropriate for 80% of skiers out there who wrestle their way through every turn on an Enforcer they bought in a true Jemery Clarkson ‘Powerrrr’ mood.

The easiest ski

The Steadfast 85 DC features the very smooth Double Core technology (two wood cores on top of each other with an elastomer layer in between, absorbing all vibrations). The tip and tail rocker and the very round shape make this ski the easiest to ski. It pivots easier than it carves. If you like a steadfast ski that has tons of edge hold – ironically, the Steadfast doesn’t deliver.

In bumps soft chop, and skied-out groomers though, this ski shines. It flicks around so easily, that it hardly needs any skier input. In fact, this ski will not make you a better skier. It does support any less-than-perfect or ‘I taught myself’ skiing style perfectly. The Steadfast makes you feel on top of things, even though an instructor would disagree.


The Steadfast is inaptly named. It isn’t very steadfast at all. Instead, it’s a fun and super easy ski to ski. It has limits in speed and edge hold, but it caters to intermediate to advanced-level skiers and inspires just to have fun and not worry about other stuff so much.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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