Review: Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti

Model year: 2022-2023
Sidecut: 121-71-101
Size: 182 cm
Radius: 19 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, two layers of metal, Line Control Technology, oversized sidecut

About this ski

Rossignol’s Hero Elite line has been re-invented. This consumer race series still features all the good stuff from before – wood core, metal, Line Control Technology (vertically placed laminates through the length of the centerline of the ski to counter counter-flexing) – but the shape and over-all strength of the ski are at another level compared to the older versions.

The Elite LT Ti used to be the ‘soft consumer GS for cruisy skiers’. Not anymore. I has grown up, so to speak. It’s not that skinny teen anymore with the length but not yet the substance. Now it’s a full-grown speed machine that actually can overpower lighter or non-aggressive skiers. It is important to not oversize now, whereas in the past, that wasn’t a problem with this ski.

Carving machine

As you would expect of a consumer GS ski, larger, faster turns on hard snow are what this ski excels at. The oversized sidecut – the lack of taper – makes a direct carving machine. Especially if the tips are tuned all the way forward, they can be a handful when skidded. Detune the front 5-7 cm of the ski and you have quite an all-around hard snow friend. 

Much stronger than its predecessor, this is not a cruising ski anymore. You can actually feel the race pedigree that trickled down from the Athlete models. Grip and rebound are up there with the strong competitors in this class, be it at the livelier end of the spectrum. These are not bricks with sidecut. Rather, they are performance hard snow skis for people that want to get out more if they put in more. Especially when carving, this is most noticeable.


A grown-up consumer GS ski. It now can overpower you if you don’t put in the technique, speed, and timing. Especially if the ski is a bit too long for you or if you just want to cruise and skid. It doesn’t really like that. But with a little detune, it could.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Thanks for this review!

    Perhaps I can ask for your advice about length since you highlight how important this might be to get it right for this ski.

    I’m wondering whether to get the 177cm or the 182cm (I’m 86kg and 189cm). I already have a pair of Elite MT that is 175cm, but they feel a tad short sometimes. I also have a longer Exp 88 model that’s 180cm.

    Thanks again.

  2. Hello, i use volkl racetiger gs 175 year 19, what size is correct for this ski, 172 or 177? I’am 180cm but i dont like high speed, i like medium curves, thanks.

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