Review: Salomon QST 106

Model year: 2022-2023
Sidecut: 139-106-126
Size: 181 cm
Radius: 19 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, CFX enforcement, tip and some tail rocker, cork dampening

About this ski

Th QST line is Salomon’s freeride line. The Blank is the widest (112 mm underfoot), the 92 is the narrowest in the line. This 106 has had many iterations over the past few seasons. Last season, the Blank and QST 98 were completely re-designed and engineered. And this season, the good people of Salomon extended those changes to the 106 and 92 as well.

Previous 106s have been somewhat unique in their versatility. They were very good off-piste, in soft snow. But with the flat-ish tail and stable feel underfoot they were maybe more of a wide ‘all-mountain’  ski than anything else. Easy to ski at all speeds and a trustworthy companion in all but hardpacked snow conditions. 

Soft snow only

The new QST has shifted toward the soft side of things. Not so much the skis themselves, but the snow conditions in which they shine. Sure, you can get down a hardpacked groomer, but it’s definitely not the QST’s forte. Soft snow is. The float of a 110 mm ski and the profile and playfulness of a more jibby ski. 3D snow is what these skis need.

You can push them or let them run, as long as there is soft snow, bumps, or slush around. On hard snow, throw them on edge and ski as quickly as you can to where the soft stuff is. This ski has become more of a specialist tool for soft and 3D snow. In that regard, there’s a definite shift from earlier versions, which were much more all-round.


A shift to soft snow only, but very very good at that. The quality just got higher, but the range of conditions got smaller, compared to earlier versions.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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