Review: Stöckli Montero AR

Model year: 2022-2023
Sidecut: 128-84-114
Size: 175 cm
Radius: 16.3 m
Technology: wood core, metal, tip and tail rocker

About this ski

The Montero AR used to be the Laser AR. All in all, not much has changed. It’s still Stöckli’s frontside all-condition line. The AR is the wider ski, 84 mm underfoot. The Stöckli website lists under ‘technology’: “ACL, FEC, LC, SME light, TR, rocker, FTC”. I guess that’s what you pay for.

It’s basically a ski for on-piste, but just a little wider. A classic construction, no matter what they call it. Stöckli is known for being smooth and manageable, but still very stable skis. And hand-made, of course (at least, that is what they use as the main argument for their skis being so expensive). 


ACL stands for Adaptive Contact Length in the Stöckli world. Meaning: tip and tail rocker and the more you tip the skis on edge, the longer the contact length. Nothing special, really. ACL makes me think about knees, though. It seems relevant since my knees got most of the Stöckli effect. These ARs are so soft, a heavier skier just absorbs everything in his knees. Lighter-weight skiers not so much (we checked and tested). 

The AR is like a compliance officer at an insurance firm: he takes all the fun out of things and makes you think about the risks of – well, everything. The AR is a dull ski. It does take the fun out of skiing. No positive feedback, no thrills, no fun. Only for recreational cruisers that follow the ‘more expensive must be better’ doctrine, this AR is relevant. For the rest of us: please move on. That Stöckli dropped the ‘Laser’ from this line is correct: no performance in these skis.

In conclusion

A very expensive disappointment. No fun, no energy, no knees. For lighter and slower skiers, not as much of an issue, but then of course the price might be.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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