Review: Stöckli Montero AR

Model year: 2022-2023
Sidecut: 128-84-114
Size: 175 cm
Radius: 16.3 m
Technology: wood core, metal, tip and tail rocker

About this ski

The Montero AR used to be the Laser AR. All in all, not much has changed. It’s still Stöckli’s frontside all-condition line. The AR is the wider ski, 84 mm underfoot. The Stöckli website lists under ‘technology’: “ACL, FEC, LC, SME light, TR, rocker, FTC”. I guess that’s what you pay for.

It’s basically a ski for on-piste, but just a little wider. A classic construction, no matter what they call it. Stöckli is known for being smooth and manageable, but still very stable skis. And hand-made, of course (at least, that is what they use as the main argument for their skis being so expensive). 


ACL stands for Adaptive Contact Length in the Stöckli world. Meaning: tip and tail rocker and the more you tip the skis on edge, the longer the contact length. Nothing special, really. ACL makes me think about knees, though. It seems relevant since my knees got most of the Stöckli effect. These ARs are so soft, a heavier skier just absorbs everything in his knees. Lighter-weight skiers not so much (we checked and tested). 

The AR is like a compliance officer at an insurance firm: he takes all the fun out of things and makes you think about the risks of – well, everything. The AR is a dull ski. It does take the fun out of skiing. No positive feedback, no thrills, no fun. Only for recreational cruisers that follow the ‘more expensive must be better’ doctrine, this AR is relevant. For the rest of us: please move on. That Stöckli dropped the ‘Laser’ from this line is correct: no performance in these skis.

In conclusion

A very expensive disappointment. No fun, no energy, no knees. For lighter and slower skiers, not as much of an issue, but then of course the price might be.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Well that’s a diappointment! Until now I have only read very enthousiastic reviews, for instance on and Heemskerk ski.

    And many good reviews from the other side of the ocean, but even if I take these out of the equation the difference of opinion is staggering.

    I was thinking about the new montero ax or even an older laser ax on the one hand or the montero ar on the other, but never expected a review like this one on the ar.

    1. Well, everybody is entitled to an opinion. I start my 7th week on the laser AR and I really loves them. They give me a big smile everytime I use them. Best ski I ever tried. And that’s not because they are expensive. I advise everyone who is interested in the AR to rent them and come to you own conclusion. It made me an even more happier skier and that might happen to you too 😉

    2. Boris, I tried the AX and the AR and noticed a big difference. I chose the AR because the felt more stable end stiff to me. I advise you to try them both before you buy.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. I bought them two weeks ago; there are way too many good reviews for me to put me off. I am looking forward to skiing them.

      1. The AR and the AX are quite similar, the AS is much sturdier. A full review may be published (no guarantees, though). It is mostly my co-reviewer Yoeri that is so enthusiastic about these Monteros.

  3. Ar. Used mine the first day, they do what needs to be done. Before I had Storm pro for 10y. Happy that I have made the switch. Big improvement. Hang in my boots and enjoy the ride. Ready for another 10y.

  4. Love these skies! I tried many skies last year and these topped all. If you are looking for a ski that goes really swell through all snow conditions this is your one quiver (though verry expensive) ski!

  5. And to @Gigiski: any thoughts on how this ski compares to the Laser AR? I know you’re also a fan of the Laser AX (I actually bought one a few years ago, partly thanks due to the positive review here, but sadly I broke it…), but I was wondering what the Laser AR is like (as well as the Montero AX and AS of course).

  6. @Gigiski you said you found the Montero AR and AX quite similar. Does that also apply to your comment about them being taxing on your knees? I’m looking to replace the Laser AX I broke last season and wondering if I should just get another pair or Lasers or move to the Montero, but I’m coming off ACL surgery, so that’s an important factor…

    1. Yes, that applies to everything, really. The Laser AX was better on the knees than the Monteros are. But there are plenty more options out there, including some outgoing models at sometimes ridiculous prices. But to offer a full advice, I would need more info through this page:

      1. Great to hear it, many thanks for the feedback! If I end up not buying another Laser AX, I will definitely request the full advice. Have a nice weekend!

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