Reviews: Stöckli Laser AX

Model year: 2020-2021
Sidecut: 124-78-111
Size: 175 cm
Radius: 15,9 m
Technology: Light wood core, full sidewall, tail rocker, tip rocker, Turtle shell 

About this ski
The Stöckli laser ax is the narrowest in their all-mountain slope range. Stöckli has explicitly added ‘piste’ to indicate that it is certainly not a pure all-mountain ski. It is truly a frontside ski. In my opinion “High-end allround ski” would be a better description. It has the properties of the classic Lasers but the Turtle shell, v and tail rocker makes it a lot more versatile and playful.

In this respect, the AX is more versatile than the much narrower Laser GS or SL (modeled after the competition skis). There also is an AR, which is slightly wider and a bit less hard snow only oriented with its deeper rocker and more tapered tip. This AX is smack in the middle.

Is it worth the price?

On snow, the AX never lets you down. It is not a specialist on ice and not a specialist in powder or slush on the piste (even though it does more than well here). But for everything in between it really is the king off the jungle. You can ski the AX with power, but you also can send it light-footed though everything. The turtle shell makes it reasonably accessible and makes it easy to enter turns. This in combination with a super smooth tail gives a unique ski within its playing field.

Price is always an issue with Stöckli. But if there is one ski in its range that should really cost more because it is worth it, it is the Laser AX. The only thing the AX doesn’t do is push me, it just lets me ski without worry.

In conclusion

A high-end product for high-end performance at a high-end price. The AX doesn’t force you to do anything, it just always performs.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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    1. Thanks! And do you know if the same goes for the 2018-19 version? It looks identical to the 2019-20 (and the sidecut is also the same), but I couldn’t find whether there is any actual difference…

      1. the 2018/ 19 is also identical ( even the prints). If you go back to the 17/18 model… then there is a difference in the wood core , they had al little bit different dimensions etc…

        1. Awesome, thanks a lot!
          I just ordered one (the seller thinks it’s the 2018-19, not 100% sure, but I guess it doesn’t matter too much then hehe). Thanks for the info!

  1. What are the main differences between the SC and AX?
    And the SX and SC?
    Ps I am an average skier with some knee issues (one knee).

    1. The SC is more of a carver, the AX is a bit more ‘all-mountain’ like (more all-round in use); the SX is a bit firmer and more demanding than both SC and AX. With knee issues, I would not recommend the SX.

    2. I’ve never tried the SX and SC, but I have an AX (as mentioned above). I currently have mild knee issues, and yet rarely (if ever) feel any pain when skiing all day on the AX in various conditions (I do feel them for example when playing basketball/volleyball). Of course the ski does have a certain level of “demand” (especially off piste), and also my knee issues are quite “mild”, but overall I think the AX is also fine when skied slowed/lighter.

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