Review: Elan Ace SCX

Model year: 2021-2022
Sidecut: 113-67-100
Size: 173 cm
Radius: 15,9 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, two sheets of titanal, Arrow-tech tip-rocker

About this ski

Elan is known for being innovative. The first ‘carve ski’ was brought to the masses by Elan. Some years ago, they launched their Amphibio technology (camber on the inside edge of the ski, some rocker on the outside – and therefore a dedicated left and right ski). For a few years, their consumer race line also had this Amphibio technology. But in their 2018 lineup, they took it out of their race line. 

And that race line (now called ‘Ace’) is still the only Elan line that doesn’t have Amphibio technology. Instead, it has so-called ‘arrow tech’, which basically means an arrow-shaped construction in the tip of the ski, opening the tip up for torsional flexing at a light angle, making for a smoother turn initiation. This is true for the outgoing and new SLX (slalom) and GSX (cheater GS) models. But also for this new member of the line: the SCX.


Next to a short turn ski (SLX) and long turn ski (GSX), there now is a mid-radius ski as well. Same construction of all the good stuff one would expect in a consumer race ski. Elan, however, does not go for pure power or any kind of overkill in their consumer lines. Instead, they feel many recreational skiers are on way too heavy and powerful skis for their abilities. Maybe so.

In any case, Elan brings with this SCX a ski that is very solid underfoot, precise, damp, stable, predictable, confidence-inspiring. Not the huge radius for which you need an empty hill to fully experience the thrill, but not a nervous turny ski either. It is a great and allround hard snow ski. High-end skiing, all day long. Without overpowering or punishing you when you make a mistake. If anything, it is a bit too gentle. But never dull and not at all slow or underpowered. It’s like that car that races to greater speeds than you expected it to.

In conclusion

A very solid, rather friendly, but very very enjoyable hard snow carving machine, that can skid too by the way. A great allrounder with a not too demanding but still medium to high performance character.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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