Review: Fischer Ranger 102

Model year: 2022-2023
Sidecut: 138-103-128
Size: 183
Radius: 19 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, shaped metal, tip and tail rocker

About this ski

Fischer has updated their freeride line for the 2022-2023 season. The past few years, they have had the stiff and charger-y Ranger TI (with indeed lots of metal and carbon) and the playful and friendly Ranger FR. The latter have become quite popular because of their allround performance – especially the 102: a big hit in North America – and that cool bright pink color.

The new 2023 Ranger line replaces both the TI and FR series. In waist widths of 90, 96, 102, 108 and 116 mm underfoot there is a complete lineup. The wider you go, the more tip and tail rocker you get and the smaller the metal relative to the length of the ski. Other than that, it’s a pretty classic build by Fischer. And it certainly delivers.


The new 102 is smooth, steady, smooth, quite smeary, smooth, can handle a charger, smooth. Did I mention the new Ranger 102 is smooth? On perfect early morning corduroy, in chopped-up crud, in fresh powder, in wet late afternoon sunny slush – this ski is smooth in everything. It skids well, it carves nicely (although not like a GS or full two sheets of metal-kind of ski, obviously), it is stable yet playful.

You can really have a blast on these, whatever your speed or style. For big mountain, cliff-hucking kind of stuff I think you might want something else. But really, for everything except that, the Ranger 102 is a great allround softer snow ski. As a one-ski-quiver kind of thing, I think the 96 has a bit more versatility. But that’s a guess, I haven’t been on that one at the time we publish this review.

In conclusion

A very well-rounded freeride ski. A worthy successor of the very popular Ranger 102 FR. A bit more directional, but with as wide a range as the old one and then some. The light and dark blue skis are exactly the same in terms of build, sizing, etc. Only a different color.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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