Review: Review: Fischer The Curv DTX

Model year: 2021-2022
Sidecut: 117-70-100
Size: 171 cm
Radius: 15,5 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, 0.5 mm titanal, carbon, tip-rocker

About this ski

Fischer has revamped their entire Curv series, including this DTX. It has been around for a few years now, trying to cater to the recreational skier that wants an easy turning, dynamic ski for groomed runs. That intention has not really changed. 

In fact, the ski itself has not changed that much on paper. Same concept, shaving off a few mm here and there. A more aggressive radius at the tip for even quicker turn initiation, but a bit more rounded tail for more forgiving turn exits. The overall theme of many Fischer skis in their iteration from previous models to the new ones is that they try to lower the instep and making the skis easier to turn at lower speeds.


The result is a very unstable ski that needs to be on edge – quite far on edge – but inspires no confidence whatsoever to really engage. They are just plain scary. The tips wander about, don’t grab the snow or pick a line. Much the same feeling as the RC One 72, for me. 

Even though we put every bit of pressure on the front of the ski – several testers tried – we could not get the tips to engage and start off a decent turn. And yes, we checked the tune. So, we just slammed them on edge aggressively and rode it out instead. That kind of worked, but is quite tiring and not at all a controlled way of skiing. It could not really hold an edge under me, a heavier skier, but lighter skiers didn’t experience that problem as much as I did.

It seems that during the development process of the DTX, only very experienced skiers with expert technique skied the prototypes. Those guys and girls that effortlessly carve at high edge angles. Those are not the same skiers these products are designed for, I think. And that is where the mismatch between the skiing technique needed and the target group abilities has originated. That’s my theory.

In conclusion

Let me put it this way: if this was the only ski available, I would take up snowboarding.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Trust me when I say the tune is the issue. The tips do not have proper base bevel on this ski from the factory. I had same problem, checked tune — its OK — had same experience. Checked tune again, ahhhh, base bevel not carried towards tip far enough. Fixed it and ski was transformed. Performed well after that pulled into a turn nicely. Still a lighter, springy, light damped carver, but very energetic and can make long turns due to variable sidecut radius. My friend said ” this ski likes to run”.

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