Review: Atomic Redster G8

Model year: 2023-2024
Sidecut: 115-70-103.5
Size: 182
Radius: 17.3 m
Technology: Wood core, full sidewall, full camber, Revoshock, titanal, full camber

About this ski

Atomic’s Redster line is the race line. The Redster G9 and G7 already existed for a few seasons. Now, there’s the in-between G8. I would say it is very much in the middle of the powerful, damp and super stable (but not too beserky) G9 on one side and the lightweight, for heavier or aggressive skiers maybe even too light G7 on the other side.

In my view, the G8 is more like the G9 than the G7. The G8 is a few millimeters wider and has a shorter radius than the G9. This already makes it a bit more versatile in terms of turn shapes and speeds to accomplish them. The G8 also has thinner layers of metal and less dense wood in the core compared to the G9.

Great allrounder

All of this makes the G8 a great allrouder for those who like the stable long-turn character of the G9 but don’t have the weight, speed, or technical ability to hit the apex all day long. The G8 is a bit friendlier without losing the secure feel the G9 offers. You will save your legs, though. And it does skidded old school ‘wedeling’ just as happily as it carves the corduroy to bits. In not-so-ideal conditions, the G8 is more accommodating than the G9.

So why not compare it to the G7? The G7 is a bit jumpier and really feels different from the G9 or G8 regarding dampness, stability, and that overall secure powerful feel. 


The G8 is that great long-turn groomer ski that leans toward high performance but just takes a bit less energy and balls to ski. It has a huge sweet spot in terms of turn shapes, turn styles, and speeds.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Hi Gigi, thanks for the review!
    You describe the new G8 as a friendlier version of the current G9. How would you then say it compares to the first generation of the G9 of around ~2017, if you recall that one?

    1. I have only skied the G8 C. I wasn’t aware there was an S model as well (can’t find anything on it). Unless you mean the Redster S8… (which I have not skied, but that’s the slalom short-turn version).

      1. They sell them at an internet store (, they ship from Germany. There is a difference of €200,- between them, both model 2023-2024.
        But thanks for your reply.

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