Review: Salomon Addikt Pro

Model year: 2023-2024
Sidecut: 120-66-104
Size: 170
Radius: 13 m
Technology: Wood core, full sidewall (recycled), full camber, Blade Technology, Titanal

About this ski

Salomon released this model as a fun carver. With its slalom-like dimensions and build it is a fun carver. I can confirm. It features the same Blade Technology that they have in their S/Race SL and GS skis, helping with extinguishing vibrations. 

It also has recycled sidewalls. They grinded up old ABS sidewalls and made new ones out of that material. So every pair – every ski even – is actually unique in terms of sidewall looks. With the little ‘bite’ out of the tail, this ski resembles the Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC somewhat, in terms of looks. It does too in the short turn expertise, although the Addikt Pro is not as strong or high-end as the Fischer. 


So Salomon has a fun carver. It is fun carving on them. But what do they have with this ski that they didn’t already have in their line? If I were to get a short turn carving ski from Salomon I would be very happy with the S/Race SL 12 or – if I wanted something a bit more mellow – the SL 10. Both the SLs are more stable, energetic, and versatile than the Addikt Pro and the SL 10 is no more demanding or punishing either. In terms of how they ski and who they would be perfect for, I would say the Addikt Pro and the SL 10 are equals. They’re around the same price point as well.

So what’s the purpose of this ski then? I honestly do not know. It is completely superfluous in my opinion, since it overlaps almost entirely with the SL 10. One could use the recycled ABS material from old sidewalls in any other ski, so that can’t be it. I give up.


A fun and not-so-high-performance short-turn carving ski. Nice and easy to ski, though nothing special. Nothing that didn’t already exist either (even within the same brand).


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Skied this for a week around the Dolomites a few weeks ago. I had a blast on it, once I’d got used to it.
    No expert on how to compare skis but was more fun and satisfying than the salmon s ( or x?) max 12s I’d had previously, but did feel less stable at speed. Not sure it was too good in slush either?

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