Review: Blizzard Firebird HRC

Model year: 2023-2024
Sidecut: 121-69-102
Size: 175
Radius: 15.8 m
Technology: Trueblend Race wood core, 3Ti Duramex Sandwich, full sidewall,  full camber

About this ski

The HRC has been in the Firebird line-up for a few years now. For the 2023-2024 season, they have revamped all the Firebird skis with the new Trueblend wood core. This is basically a size-specific blend of different-density wood stringers in the core to aid in performance, balance, and feel. 

Also, they made the ski narrower (69 mm underfoot, instead of the 76 mm of the previous version). This – together with the mid-turn radius – makes this a responsive, well-rounded strong carver. Quick edge to edge and grippy as hell, just as one would expect from a ski with this design brief. 


The previous version could feel a bit clunky at times, sluggish even, in terms of edge-to-edge action. This narrower version really made that problem go away. The feel of the ski is more refined and responsive, without giving up that strong and super stable character. You can really drive this ski in pretty much every turn shape. Long, short, carved, skidded – it does everything you tell them to. But it is you, the skier, that has to tell these skis. 

If you don’t be clear in your intentions, they’ll go their own way. Much like a slightly high-maintenance Italian beauty, really (racing car, person – you pick). But when you get in the groove – and that’s easier than with many competitors with this performance level – it’s a blast and a dream all at once.


A high-performance, precise tool for speed, power, and also fun. Energetic, stable, trustworthy and fuelled. That’s the new, quicker HRC.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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