Review: Dynastar Speedzone 4×4 82 (Pro)

Model year: 2020-2021
Sidecut: 130-82-110
Size: 179
Radius: 16 m
Technology: wood and PU core (Hybrid Core), full sidewall, tip-rocker, two sheets of metal (only in Pro model)

About this ski

Dynastar has had the Speed Zone piste series for a few years now. Last year, they extended that line with the 4×4’s. Four models in total: a 78, an 82, and a 78 Pro and 82 Pro. ‘Pro’ means the addition of metal in this series. And the term ‘4×4’ is aptly chosen. These are the all-condition skis. All conditions on-piste, that is.

They bridge the narrower, grippier Speed Zone skis, and the new M-Pro softer snow series. These 4×4’s should be able to handle just about anything from hard snow slopes to some fresh powder on it. For bottomless powder, these don’t have the float; on real ice, they don’t really have the edge grip the Speed Zone skis have. But all conditions in between they should be able to cope with.


And they do. Even though they bust through just about anything in terms of snow type on-piste, they are not hard to ski. The rockered tip is quite forgiving, and so is the tail. Despite this, they do not get bumped around, you have complete control. Cruise them or charge them – they’re happy either way.

They don’t have a really powerful feel, though. No exhilarating rebound or sporty vibes from these guys. But make no mistake: these do mean business, despite their gentle handling. The Pro models even more so, with the addition of metal (and weight). Still lively enough and easy enough to ski slow or in cruising mode. But when you put them on edge and put some energy in, these 4×4’s will rock you.

In conclusion

A true 4×4 in the sense that it copes with all types of snow on the piste without any problem. Stable and powerful, but not too demanding. A great all-condition ski. And with the four types, there is a one-ski on-piste quiver for just about anyone.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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