Review: Rossignol Forza 60 D V-Ti konect

Model year: 2023-2024
Sidecut: 130-74-112
Size: 179
Radius: 14 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, carbon alloy matrix, titanal beam, Line Control Technology (LCT), tip rocker

About this ski

The new Forza line replaces Rossignol’s React skis as their non-race groomer skis. The Forza series consists of the 70 D, 60 D, 50 D, 40 D, and 30 D. These numbers stand for the edge angle in degrees (hence the ‘D’) that you’re said to make with them. The 70 D is for those with the most extreme edge angles, the 30 D is for those who aren’t really edging their skis yet (beginners). 

Each of these skis has its own blend of materials and techniques and shapes, more or less appropriate for the level of skier the ski is intended for (for which – apparently – the edge angle is the primary indicator). One thing they all have in common, though: a tight radius. Sometimes even tighter than a slalom ski. These things are made to turn.

Pleasant surprise

The Forza 60 D V-TI is a pleasant surprise in two ways. First, it is the least extreme of the series in terms of shape. It has the most rounded tip shape and handles 3D snow very well (whereas the other models and their extreme sidecut tips are quite grabby on anything that isn’t super neatly groomed). It has fluent transitions from skidding to carving or vice versa.

In overall demeanor, the Forza 60 is gentle but stable. It is by no means an aggressive ski nor does it support very aggressive, heavy or fast skiers. For all the other people on groomers, though, this may very well be one of the best vacation skis out there. Don’t let the ‘metal’ fool you: from everyone who can ski blue slopes up to confident on all kind of groomers, this is a great choice. Do you want performance? Look elsewhere.


A great vacation ski for anyone who doesn’t care about pure performance but wants a dependable, easy-going groomer ski. Handles all groomer conditions well, except more than 20 cm deep powder. Light-footed and easy to trust.


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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  1. Ik heb na het testen in Fiss de v-carbon limited versie gekocht! Is dit de 40 D?
    Ruim 28 jaar ervaring, 2 a 3 x per jaar op de skies, maar nog nimmer zo heerlijk, licht en toch stabiel blijvend geskied! Korte – en lange turns carving of driften, groomed pistes of ijs, geen probleem! Absolute aanrader!

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