Series (p)review: 2025 Fischer The Curv GT series

For the 2024-2025 season, Fischer brings the Curv GT series. ‘The Curv GT – that’s already there, isn’t it?’ It is. This new series will replace the RC One series as their frontside all-mountain (or rather: all-condition) offering. We skied them. Individual reviews of each will follow; this is a series introduction.

The ski we now know as The Curv GT (76 mm underfoot) will be called The Curv GTX in 2025.

Series overview

There will be a Curv GT 85. 85 mm underfoot, 15 m radius, two sheets of 0.8 mm metal, length ranging from 161 to 182. This is the stiffest and widest option in the range. Then there will be the Curv GT 80: 80 mm underfoot, a similar radius, and two sheets of thinner metal, lengths ranging from 145 to 180. The narrowest and lightest in the line is the Curv GT 76. Also similar in radius and with only one layer of metal inside (lengths ranging from 145 to 173). 

These skis replace the current RC One 86 GT, RC One 82 GT, and RC One 78 GT. In projected use at least. In terms of character, the new skis are quite a bit more refined than the outgoing RC Ones. Smoother, easier to get on without too much technique or input needed. The RC One 86 GT, especially, was quite unpolished and brute sometimes, better suited to skiers with a similar style. 

Shape and build

All three Curv GT models have a rockered tip with a bit of taper too. This makes them gentle in terms of turn initiation, but not necessarily ‘instantly gripping’ on firmer snow. In 3D snow, however – from tougher bumps to fluffy pow – they are a breeze. So easy to ski, lightfooted yet stable and dependable. They don’t give back a tonne of energy, but then again, they don’t need a tonne of energy either.

What helps the smooth entry and exit of turns even further is the Multi-radius they all have. Not – like most skis Fischer built over the past few generations – smaller radii in the forebody (to really pull you into a turn) and a more relaxed wider radius underfoot. The 2025 Curv GTs have longer radii at the tips and tails of the ski, and medium-radius underfoot. Like the wider Völkl Deacons, for example, this really helps with a smooth and less grabby start of a turn and not as tenacious an end. Ease of skiing is definitely on the menu here.


Despite them all having metal in them – the widest model even with two layers of thick titanal – they are not demanding skis. In fact, more sporty, aggressive, charger-like skiers will not like these skis. The target group for this range is the intermediate to advanced skier who values comfort and versatility over performance. 

This is not to say they aren’t stable or have a very low speed limit. In terms of energy needed or returned, you just have to be frank and say they are not the most energetic skis. For 80% of the (vacation) skiing population, they are a great option though. Despite their all-mountain-y build, they have good grip, although not too much compared to dedicated hard snow skis, obviously.

Conclusion (on the series)

This line is definitely more refined and balanced than the series they replace. They could have done with a bit more ‘umph’, or at least the biggest one. Now, they don’t offer anything to heavier, faster or more energetic skiers (which the RC One 86 GT did). For all other skiers out there, this could be a nice option if you want an all-condition dependable friend to accompany you on your adventures.

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  1. Looking forward to your review of the series. I was looking at the Curv GT 2023. Interesting to see how the new GTX will perform against the new GT 76 and 80. I can say that I’m no fan of the new color scheme.

    Because of your earlier review I was also looking at the RC4 CT. I was hoping for an non pro version (without the M-Plate) in season 24/25

    1. Assuming the GTX will be the exact same ski as the current Curv GT, I can say it is very different from the new generation 2025 Curv GT. Those will be much more allmountain-y and easy to use, whereas the current GT/2025 GTX is much more a performance oriented hard snow ski, almost like a cheater GS.

      A CT without a plate is not in the pipeline if my info is correct.

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