Review: Blizzard Rustler 9

Model year: 2020-2021
Sidecut: 127,5-94-117
Size: 180
Radius: 17 m
Technology: wood core, full sidewall, Carbon Flipcore D.R.T., tip-rocker, tail-rocker

About this ski

The Rustler series is the Blizzard Freeride range. It consists of the Rustler 11, a real charger big mountain ski. 116 mm underfoot, some tip and tail rocker, no concessions on weight, and simply a ski that you can win the Freeride World Tour on. Then there is the Rutler 10: much lighter, narrower (104 mm), and with a flatter tail. For the lighter weight and finesse skiers, or for those who want a lighter freeride ski to do some alpine touring as well.

And then there is the Rustler 9. The narrowest in the family at 94 mm underfoot and some serious tail-rocker. No full sheets of metal, just a metal section under the binding. But stable and quite grippy nonetheless, for its width anyway. It sits right in between ‘all-mountain’ and freeride. In the sense that it does ski quite well on hardpack, but really does very well in just about anything. It is a true 50-50 ski, but on the playful side of the spectrum.

Quick and fun

It is quick and fun. Because of the tip and tail shape and rocker profile, it is agile. In bumps, crud, and on-piste it is remarkably nimble, despite the width. Fairly quick edge to edge and light too. You can fling it around with ease. But it isn’t a lightly deflected ski either. It can and will hold a line. A great confidence builder for those difficult white-out conditions.

Very big or strong skiers will be wanting more than this ski can give. Although it remains stable at all times, I don’t think real chargers get enough power out of it to satisfy them. For lighter skiers, this could be the soft snow ski that completes a very nice two-ski quiver. It is easy to ski and gives all the confidence you need. 

In conclusion

A great playful yet stable all-rounder. A true 50-50 ski for lighter skiers. Chargers would want something a bit more powerful, perhaps. But all in all one of the few all-mountain ski’s that really honor that term. 


Low speedHigh speed
Short turnLong turn
Soft snowHard snow

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